International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day – 8th of October

The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) initiated the celebration of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day in 2014. Thus, it is the fourth year this important energy transformation topic is raised to the attention of wider public worldwide. National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day were created to help raise awareness of a clean energy technology that is here now. October 8th (10.08) was chosen in reference to the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008). The latest news report that on October 1, the United States Senate passed Senate Resolution 664 by unanimous consent, declaring October 8, 2018, National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day for the United States.

Hydrogen is no-doubt one of the most efficient energy carriers in the prospective of future energy developments. Fuel cell-based electricity generation opens up new highly perspective spheres of using hydrogen.

The Estonian Association of Hydrogen Technologies celebrated the H&FC Day with the seminar in the Chemicum of Tartu University. The most recent developments in the field were presented by professor Enn Lust. He tackled both the fuel cell production related technologies and the use of hydrogen based on Fuel Cells.

Another presentation was made by M.Sc. Eng. Ain Laidoja who opened up the present situation in Estonia and analysed the Total Cost of Ownership for various transportation means and fuels including gasoline, diesel, biomethane and hydrogen. He challenged to make more precise line kilometre calculations for the public transport sector in the context of comparison with the hydrogen fuel.

The presentations were followed by a lively discussion between the presenters and numerous audience. Seems, the event devoted to the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day succeeded to bring the messages to the wider auditorium.