The first Hydrogen vessel in Estonia

Energy Observer arrining in Tallinn. Hello future.

A unique chance to witness next generation technology in Tallinn’s Seaplane harbour marina, the Energy Observer. This catamaran is the first hydrogen vessel in the world. Hydrogen is produced on-board from renewable solar, wind and hydro energy. Hydrogen is used as fuel directly on windless days or late hours without sunlight.

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Hydrogen Drone welcomes Estonia

On the 30th of May, Estonian based SKYCORP OÜ with the Estonian Hydrogen Association presented in Tallinn Europe’s first commercially available hydrogen drone, the e-Drone Zero.

The next generation hydrogen Fuel Cell technology used on the drone allows it to have a flight endurance of 120 minutes instead of the usual 20-30 minutes as seen on batteries. It dramatically increases the value from drone missions and opens up new use-cases especially with future Smart Cities. Additional benefits include refuelling in just 1-2 minutes to increase productivity without having to carry multiple sets of LiPO batteries around.

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