We dont have a planet B

Estonian Hydrogen implementation vision

We have a plan H2.

The Estonian Association of Hydrogen Technologies made a proposal to the Municipality of Tallinn to participate in the EU funded FCH Regions.
The project is fully funded by FCH JU and if approved, will provide the following:

  • Financial analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Removal of market barriers
  • Expert advice on reaching both environmental and climate goals
  • Co-financing assistance on any project deployments.

We are not afraid of new insights!
Such FCH JU aid is estimated by us to be worth about 250 000 €. The project lasts for up to 12 months, would be just the first stepping stone and would help complete the upcoming Estonian Hydrogen Roadmap.

Eligibility criteria

  • Read and understand what is required of us and offered in return
  • Put the left foot forward
  • Accept the offered knowledge, assistance and know-how


The entire project is planned to be as observable as possible. Furthermore, additional “observers” will be included in all projects to get the latest updates and outcomes of the fulfilling of the set hydrogen economy visions.

Estonia’s task-force for the adoption of Hydrogen Technologies

Estonian Ministry of Environment initiated the hydrogen working group on 25th October 2019. The goal is to analyze and set up The Hydrogen Roadmap for Estonia. Usage of hydrogen and fuel cell technology are the key elements guiding Estonia to the carbon-neutral economy to achieve climate targets.

Hydrogen working group set up the first goals towards to carbon-neutral Estonia

The current meeting was to follow up Hydrogen Initiative signed by Estonia 2018 in Linz (Austria). Estonian Climate and Energy committee, which is led by prime minister analyzed the climate and economic impacts to achieve EU climate neutrality by 2050.
On the 03rd of October 2019 Estonia joined long term vision of EU climate neutrality 2050.

On kick-off meeting the first goal was set up, which is to issue Hydrogen Roadmap for Estonia. Next hydrogen working group meeting is scheduled in early November, where we are planning to discuss more specifically policy and technical measures to be considered.

Elcogen is nominated for the best European SME fuel cell success story.

Elcogen is nominated in the category of European individual fuel cell success story for the SMEs. The FCH JU marked that the productivity and competitiveness of SMEs will benefit everyone. FCH JU emphasized that nominations illustrate the approach of continuous learning, from creating low-carbon and sustainable solutions, enabling market entry for new products, developing ‘next generation’ products based on previous research, to opening new markets for European expertise in fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) technology.


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